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LifeologyAz works individually and collaboratively to create self-sufficient youth and young adults between the ages of 14-29. We do this by utilizing the TIP Informed (Transition to Independence) Model and it’s 7 Guidelines through individually tailored services and supports, creating lasting community connections and key players, and advocacy as they work towards independence. 

Who We Serve

Youth and Young adults ages 14–29 with emotional/behavioral difficulties that are experiencing or have experienced adverse childhood experiences, current or former foster care and/or involvement or previous involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Why We’re Unique

At LifeologyAZ, Inc we utilize the TIP (Transition to Independence Process) Informed Model and it’s evidence-based guidelines. 

We engage youth and young adults through relationship development, person-centered planning, and a focus on their futures while acknowledging and developing personal choice and social responsibility with youth and young adults.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. This is why we partner with the local city, state, county agencies, community organizations, and local businesses to provide education, career readiness opportunities through paid internships, housing, personal development, internships, work programs, employment, financial literacy & personal wellness – to include emotional hygiene, coping skills, interpersonal communication & sexual education.

Additionally, we consistently work with them to claim, restructure & create their identity, find their voice and understand the rules of cause and affect. They can’t move forward in the world if they don’t have an understanding of who they are and how they want to show up. 

How We Do It

We offer individualized tailored services and supports that are accessible, coordinated, appealing, non-stigmatizing, trauma-informed, and developmentally-appropriate — and building on strengths to enable youth and young adults to pursue their goals across relevant Transition Domains.

We do this by:

We work with youth and young adults to develop a youth/young adult-driven individualized transition plan that incorporates their evolving goals, hopes and dreams for their life. Providing wrap-around services, 24-7/365, so they know that someone is always available for them as they move from interdependence to independence and self-sufficient. 

Additionally, we work with group homes & detention facilities providing training, programs & resources to shift the culture of care from codependent, authoritarian to one that is engaging, supportive and youth development focused where youth and young adults are treated as resources rather than objects. Assisting programs to provide a competency-based approach and environment that is nurturing and stimulating for youth and young adults and staff which empowers youth and young adults to thrive. 


Help Us Build a Better Future

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